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J-PRO cream contains lidocaine and prilocaine, active ingredients that help numb the skin. It is a local anesthetic cream that can be applied directly to the skin to help you feel less pain.

Safe on all skin types.


For Microshading Use: This is a PRIMARY numbing cream & should be applied after the outline is done but BEFORE beginning blading/shading.


Ingredient (in each gram):

Lidocaine: 25mg

Prilocaine: 25mg

Methylparaben: 1.5mg


Why Use J-PRO

• Fast and Effective skin numbing

• Hypoallergenic

• Suitable for sensitive skin

J-PRO cream is guaranteed to numb your skin and increase your comfort.


How long does the numbing last?

If the application time is 20-30 minutes, the skin numbing effect will last approximately 2-3 hours.



Preserve in room temperature 

J-PRO Local Anesthetic Cream

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